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Pressotherapy is an invigorating compression therapy system that is used in our spa. It utilizes the proven principles of manual lymphatic drainage to aid detox, slimming, toning, and reducing cellulite for every body type!

The treatment can reduce cellulite and volume in the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks, and legs — areas that are often affected by water retention and also targets fat when Far-Infrared is activated! This treatment is most efficient before starting body shaping treatments in persons with BMI is 35 and up, this can get you slimmed down with a couple of sessions and serves as a beginning base.

What is Far-Infrared Pressotherapy?

Also known as ‘compression therapy’, pressotherapy is an advanced form of lymphatic drainage massage that uses specially designed garments that gently inflate to precise, pre-set pressures. A pressotherapy treatment is often described as having a team of massage therapists working on the body simultaneously to flush out excess fluid, toxins, and metabolic waste.

What are the benefits of body balancing using Pressotherapy?

Far Infrared Pressotherapy offers benefits in the following areas:

  • Cellulite and skin tone: Boosting the supply of fresh, oxygenated blood to the tissues will result in a significant improvement in cellulite and skin quality, leaving it firm and toned.
  • Slim