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Many people believe that the Vacuum lift is a treatment exclusively for the buttocks, but the reality is quite different. Indeed, it is possible to do the vacuum lifting treatment on the breasts with a vacuum therapy machine. Many women are self-conscious about the size of their breasts or because of their droping breasts, vacuum breast lift is an increasingly popular treatment that can go a long way in helping to resolve these problems. Like the vacuum buttock lift, the non-surgical breast lift vacuum treatment is growing rapidly in USA and Canada, it is highly appreciated by many women.

Benefits of vacuum breast lift:

The treatment will allow you to have a firmer, more lifted and larger breast. In addition to that, this treatment will allow you to have better breast health by reducing the risk of cysts and tumors.

How the treatment works: After applying vacuum therapy oil and performing a manual massage on your breasts, the specialist performing the treatment will stick suction cups on them in order to suck them with the breast lifting machine. The treatment lasts about thirty minutes. Usually, after the first few sessions, you should have higher breast volume for around 7 days. Thereafter, the more treatment you do, the longer the results will stay. The body must have time to get used to it. The ideal is to have the first 8 sessions fairly grouped together at the start (with a minimum of 48 hours between each session). The goal is to get the body used to it as quickly as possible and then do maintenance sessions, at least once a month to maintain the results.Another possibility is to concentrate the breast lift treatments at times when you want to have more volume on the breasts in the year, for example before a beach vacation or just for the summer.

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